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Mirena Lawsuit Georgia

Have you been diagnosed or suffered from any of the following side effects?

  • Embedment
  • Perforation of uterine wall
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Infertility
  • Explusion
  • Complications from removal of device
  • Hysterectomy
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Cervix perforation
  • Irregular bleeding
  • Sepsis
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease

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Five Questions to Consider about IUD Use

There is a great deal of conflicting information about IUDs. Most health professionals assure potential users that both types of IUDs are safe, but there are still plenty of reports of bad experiences. In addition to the usual concerns, such as allergies, insertion accidents, and minor side effects, there are a number of other things you should consider if you are thinking about using an IUD. Before committing to this method of birth control, ask yourself the following:

Do I plan to have children in the future? IUDs can be taken out and fertility should not be an issue once you no longer have an IUD. However, there are numerous reports of women who had fertility problems after using an IUD. Speak with your doctor about his or her recommendations and consider all of your options before making your choice.

Do I want to avoid pregnancy for several years? This makes you a great candidate for an IUD. Ideally, you are a woman who wants no more children, despite having the ability to conceive. Since undergoing a hysterectomy in the midst of your child-bearing years can bring on numerous unwanted side effects, an IUD might be the right option for you. It is long-lasting and can easily get you through the remainder of your childbearing years if you are nearing your 40s.

Do I want a “hands-off” method of birth control? One of the best things about using an IUD is the lack of action it requires from the user. This is one of the main reasons doctors like

IUDs. The only thing you will need to do once the IUD is inserted is check the string periodically to ensure the device is still in place.

Have I had problems taking birth control pills? One type of IUD releases hormones into the body, but there is another type that uses copper to prevent pregnancy. This is a great option for women who have found they are sensitive to the hormones in birth control pills. There are some mild side effects associated with copper IUDs, but as long as you are not allergic to copper, you should be able to tolerate these without a problem. They can increase your menstrual bleeding, but they do not trigger the mood changes and other issues associated with hormonal IUDs.

Use these questions to help you determine if an IUD is the right method of birth control for you.

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